MPS and the Cloud: Leveraging Cloud Computing for Better Print Management

Finley Robinson

MPS and the Cloud: Leveraging Cloud Computing for Better Print Management

Cloud strategies for managed print services (MPS) are changing how businesses manage their printing needs. This is especially true with the increasing trend of remote work. Adopting cloud print services offers clear benefits like saving costs, working more efficiently, and boosting security.

A recent report by Quocirca identified issues with traditional print setups. They found these setups to be complex, pricey, and not easily scalable. The cloud helps by moving print management online. This eliminates the need for local print servers. Now, organizations can enjoy the flexibility and scalability of the cloud for their printing demands.

Many organizations are choosing cloud print services, with 77% already using them for some tasks. This move is crucial as companies shift to hybrid work setups. Cloud-based print management ensures smooth printing from any location or device. Additionally, the cloud supports edge computing, making it easier to connect printers with other smart devices.

Keeping print data secure is a major concern, and cloud print services have smart ways to help. They use zero trust security and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect every print. This keeps sensitive data safe from potential threats.

With the growing trend towards cloud printing, top MPS providers are expanding their services. The ability to offer cloud print solutions is key to 45% of organizations when picking a print service partner.

MPS providers need to showcase their expertise in cloud printing to attract and help customers. Educating clients on the advantages of cloud printing is crucial. This includes better accessibility, heightened security, more features, and cost control in print management.

The Benefits of Cloud Printing in MPS

Cloud printing is changing how organizations handle printing needs. This method allows printing from any device to any printer without using local servers. It cuts down on the need for drivers and saves on infrastructure costs.

Cloud printing boosts flexibility since it lets users print from anywhere, not just the office. It also helps the environment by encouraging the use of eco-friendly printing settings. This supports a greener approach to printing.

Visibility into print data is another advantage. This lets organizations see their printing habits and make smart choices. Managed print services with cloud solutions keep print jobs safe through extra layers of security.

Keeping an eye on print activity reduces costs and paper use. With the right tools, organizations can slowly decrease their printing expenses. Cloud printing is the key to a more effective, sustainable, and digitally-inclined print approach.

Considerations for Cloud Print Management

Organizations should think carefully about cloud print management. It makes technology use easier by having other companies take care of it. This means simpler operation and less need for a big, in-house team. But, it might mean less control for those who want more say in how things work.

Cloud printing lets companies pay for only what they need. They can also change how much they use easily. Yet, keeping everything on their own servers might be better for knowing costs upfront and controlling everything. So, it’s important to think about what’s best for the budget and future plans.

When it comes to safety and following the rules, security is key. Companies move their data and management to other parties in the cloud. It’s crucial that the cloud provider is really good at security. Companies need to make sure their chosen printer service meets all the safety and data rules. Trusting a well-known, trusted provider is a smart move for keeping data safe and following the rules.

To make the most of cloud printing, picking the right provider is essential. They will enjoy the advantages of cloud print while making sure data is safe and rules are followed.

Finley Robinson