The Future of Inkjet vs. Laser Printers in MPS

Finley Robinson

The Future of Inkjet vs. Laser Printers in MPS

The printing world is changing fast and getting a lot of attention from businesses. They’re looking ahead to see how inkjet and laser printers will be used in Managed Print Services (MPS). A report from Quocirca’s Future of Work 2025 shows that inkjet printing is gaining more ground in offices. It’s starting to be seen as a good partner to laser printing.

In the past, most people went for laser printers when they needed top-quality prints quickly. But now, inkjet technology has improved so much that it can keep up with lasers in speed and quality. About a quarter of all businesses are choosing inkjet, especially after facing the pandemic’s challenges. And another third plan to start using inkjet printers in the next year.

Companies in the middle market and in the US are leading in picking up inkjet technology. They’re doing this because it’s a step towards being more environmentally friendly compared to traditional printing ways.

The inkjet printers are also popular in offices as they change to new ways of working, like mixing working from home and the office. These inkjet printers and multi-function printers (MFPs) are a big help. They can work with or even replace the big A3 MFPs but are more flexible and cheaper.

Again, the middle market is ahead of the game in offices. Their ability to quickly adapt to change makes them more willing to try new printing technology.

Companies in finance are also seeing the good part of inkjet printers. Almost one-third of them have switched to inkjet, attracted by how it helps the environment and saves money. They expect to do a lot more inkjet printing by 2025.

Even though the price difference between inkjet and laser printers is getting smaller, the choice really depends on what kind of printing is needed. Lasers are perfect for black and white text, while inkjets are better for colorful photos and images. Inkjets are also getting faster, so they can handle printing a lot of pages, just like lasers. This makes them a strong choice for many printing jobs.

The coming days for inkjet and laser in Managed Print Services look very promising. With a focus on saving money, caring for the environment, and needing high print quality, inkjet is becoming a popular choice. It’s changing the printing world in interesting ways.

Inkjet Printers in the Office

As we move towards a hybrid work setup, inkjet printers are becoming more important. They help meet the new needs of the workplace well. These printers offer a flexible and cheaper option for printing, replacing the need for traditional A3 MFPs in some cases.

Inkjet printers are gaining popularity, especially among midmarket firms in the US. These firms see the value in inkjet technology for boosting productivity and being more eco-friendly. This shift shows that inkjet printers are being recognized for their benefits in offices today.

Office inkjet printers are not just for one specific use. They fit many different printing needs in various office types. They’re great for making marketing materials stand out, reproducing images clearly, or managing documents efficiently. Inkjet printers truly are versatile for businesses big and small.

Midmarket firms are especially drawn to inkjet printing. They find these printers match well with their business needs. By using inkjet printers, these middle-sized companies can improve how they print and manage documents. This change is helping them work more smoothly.

Inkjet printers are changing how we work, making everything more flexible, green, and affordable. Midmarket firms and US-based companies are leading this change. Their success shows just how valuable inkjet printers are in today’s offices.

Financial Services and Inkjet Technology

In today’s printing world, inkjet technology is becoming more popular in various fields. Financial services lead this trend. About a third of companies in this field are already using inkjet tech. Even more are looking to switch because they see the benefits like saving money and running more efficiently.

For these firms, going green is a big deal. Inkjet printers are a good match for their efforts to be eco-friendly. Inkjet printers use less power and make less waste than the usual laser printers. Because being green is so important, it’s no surprise they’re choosing inkjet printers more.

They expect to use more inkjet printers by 2025. This shows they believe in the power and future of inkjet technology. With inkjet printers, they meet their green goals and print better, faster, and cheaper.

So, why inkjet printers? For finance companies, it’s about saving money, being eco-friendly, and working better. As the industry sees more inkjet benefits, it’s likely more companies will make the switch. This makes inkjet a big deal in the world of printing services.

Cost, Quality, and Speed: Inkjet vs. Laser Printers

In recent years, the gap in cost between inkjet and laser printers has narrowed. Now, laser printers aren’t significantly more expensive. But, the ongoing costs between the two still differ. Inkjet printers are costlier per page, especially for color prints. On the flip side, laser printers are great for sharp black and white text printing.

In print quality, inkjet printers shine for photos and images with bright colors. They’re best for those needing top-quality graphics. Laser printers, however, are perfect for printing lots of black and white text quickly.

When it comes to speed, laser printers are still ahead, especially for lots of printing. But, inkjet printers are now faster than before. They are a good choice for those needing both quality and speed.

The choice between inkjet and laser printers depends on what you print most. For lower costs and black and white text, choose a laser printer. If you print lots of colorful images, inkjet printers will give better results. With inkjet technology getting better, there are more choices for everyone’s printing needs.

Finley Robinson