The Evolution of Print Quality in MPS

Finley Robinson

The Evolution of Print Quality in MPS

Through the years, the print industry has changed a lot. It has used new ideas and improvements to keep up. The start of digital printing shook things up. It made the industry more flexible and efficient. This new tech showed its real power by meeting the needs of a quick-moving world.

Soon, print vendors were making top-notch prints super fast. This helped on big and small projects. The quality improvements in MPS let them wow their customers.

Personalization was a big deal too. Print vendors used special software to make unique prints. This made customers more interested in what they saw.

They also moved their work online, making things easier and reaching more people. So, with managed print services (MPS), businesses got all sorts of new tools and tech to help them work better.

Using the best tech and keeping up with the latest was key for print vendors to lead. They always looked for ways to make their prints look even better. New technologies, like high-definition printing, kept them on top.

Being green and pleasing customers was as important as making great prints. Vendors started using eco-friendly stuff. They also focused on making their customers happy with special services and fair prices.

The print industry is still moving forward. Managed print services are getting better all the time. The need for amazing prints is always there. And print vendors are working hard to do even more for their customers.

The Impact of Changing Office Footprints on Print Volumes

Organizations are meeting new challenges as office spaces evolve. They plan to grow their real estate areas. This means more satellite offices or bigger spaces for working together.

With the shift to hybrid work, how much people print has changed. Even as more workers go back, people print less. Organizations believe print volumes are only half what they used to be before the pandemic. This trend is expected to stick, hitting 54% by 2024.

It’s vital for groups to come up with smart plans for working. This is key to keeping up productivity and keeping people engaged in the changing workplace.

Addressing Print Management Challenges in MPS

Organizations using managed print services (MPS) often face print management challenges. Cost control is a big issue, with 37% listing it as the main problem. Besides, the costs of print servers’ purchase and maintenance bother many.

As the importance of reducing environmental impact grows, this issue is crucial for bigger organizations. They want to meet sustainability goals and keep printing at home secure.

The use of cloud technology has changed how we manage printing. Today, 48% of MPS-using organizations rely on cloud print management. Still, just 13% are actively working to reduce the use of print servers, even with cloud solutions available.

When picking an MPS provider, cybersecurity expertise is key for many. A survey found that 45% rate this expertise as very important. This shows how vital it is for organizations to protect their data and print operations.

There’s a growing need for solutions that handle print management well. They should focus on security, be efficient, and save costs. These solutions must also help reduce the environmental impact.

Finley Robinson