Case Study: How MPS Saved a Fortune 500 Company Millions

Finley Robinson

Case Study: How MPS Saved a Fortune 500 Company Millions

Learn how Managed Print Services (MPS) changed the game for a Fortune 500 company. It led to big savings. This case study looks at how Exela’s MPS improved the way this company printed. And, how it saved them a lot of money.

The move to Exela’s MPS made this big company more efficient. Work flows became smoother. Their savings added up to millions of dollars. This story shows how beneficial and money-saving Managed Print Services can be.

We’ll dive into how this success happened. We’ll see how using MPS can change how your company prints. And, it can bring you major financial benefits.

The University of Utah: A Successful MPS Installation

The University of Utah set up a special system by Generac to safeguard its data centers. This system was needed for the 74,000-square-foot facility that brought together several data centers. They picked the Generac system for its smart design that saves both money and space.

At the heart of the plan was five Gemini units working together to create 5 megawatts. This setup not only gave the needed reliability and room to grow but also helped keep the centers running smoothly.

This move at the University of Utah’s data center proves that Generac MPS is both budget-friendly and effective. Now, the university gets a dependable, green, and affordable backup power source.

Key Measures of Public Affairs Success in Measuring MPS Value

Measuring the value of managed print services (MPS) in public affairs is tough. There are specific measures showing success and cost savings from MPS use.

These include the organization’s freedom to act, hitting goals versus plans, and avoiding costs and political risks. They also look at using public affairs chances better, helping corporate goals, and making MPS systems better.

And they see how well you’re doing compared to others with MPS, how happy people are inside and outside the company, and ROI.

These measures give a full picture of how good MPS is in public affairs. They help organizations understand MPS’s impact on their work, managing costs, dealing with people, and succeeding in public affairs. This data helps make smarter choices and better use of resources.

Finley Robinson